Time to get your YOGA on and feel great in 2019! Just $49 for 1 One-hour introductory Private or Semi-private in-home yoga session, or $99 for 2 one-hour in-home or in-office sessions. For New clients only. Call 866.333.YOGA (9642) to set up. Purchase below:

Too busy to make it to class? Stuck in the office for too many hours? Are you dealing with injuries or repetitive stress, life stress, or training for an athletic event? Or do you simply want to treat yourself, and get some individual guidance for your practice or have fun practicing with a friend or significant other? Do you go to classes, and still have questions about your alignment, and want to get more out of your practice?

Private and Semi-private yoga are an amazing way to deepen your practice, or start a Yoga routine. Our instructors will help you with any style of yoga, and work with your body's needs to bring yoga to YOU. Sessions include one hour of energizing yoga and breathing, in your home or office, followed by a gentle massage and relaxation. You will never have felt so good. All you need is a yoga mat and a calm, warm spot to do the session.

We will take care of everything else! Email us at floryogastudio@gmail.com or call Sarah at 866.333.YOGA (9642) to set up your sessions.

New client SPECIAL: $49 for one in-home Private Yoga session

$49 for 1 In-home private yoga session

$99 for 2 Introductory sessions:

5 Sessions: $425

Save $50 and buy 10 session for $800

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I actually don’t believe it is possible to have better yoga teachers than FlorYoga - that is why I’ve been seeing them for years and years. Because of them, I am now comfortable in my own skin, more flexible, healthy, and toned than I could have imagined. Their genuine concern for my well-being, both physically and mentally, their remarkable way of gently but firmly motivating me to move forward in my yoga practice, and the extraordinary teaching ability backed by vast knowledge, were all invaluable to me. Having them as my yoga teachers has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
— Mary L., LUGZ Footwear, Senior VP Design