Private in-home prenatal yoga

The pregnant body goes through incredible changes over nine months. FlorYoga's Prenatal yoga sessions are an uplifting, safe, fun experience for any mom-to-be during this amazing time.

Simply call Sarah at 866.333.YOGA (9642) or email us at to set up an introductory session for just $49 or 2 for $99.

Prenatal yoga will help you keep energy levels up and stress down. Private or semi-private in-home sessions will help you keep all the right muscles strong for carrying baby and for the best delivery possible. Prenatal yoga is also a way to connect with your growing baby. The yogic breathing, movement, and modified poses provide consciousness, preparing you for labor, delivery and the miracle of motherhood. Dads and partners are welcome too -- we will teach him/her how to support Mom, share the yoga experience and do some partnered work and basic massage. Please call us for more information or to schedule. If you have a friend, sister, partner who want to do the yoga with you, everyone is welcome! Questions? Call us at 866.333.YOGA. And Like us on Facebook/follow us on Twitter for news about Prenatal workshops


Floryoga babies! we love our little yogis and we are so proud of their moms!

Sarah is an incredible prenatal yoga instructor. In addition to explaining the benefits of yoga during this transformative time for a woman, Sarah also shares her firsthand experience as a mother. Her words of encouragement and soothing touch are much appreciated. As a yoga beginner and an upcoming new mom, I am thrilled to be working with Sarah on my yoga technique and my preparation for motherhood. My husband Corey joins us for most sessions and Sarah shows him how to support me through my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Corey enjoys the yoga as much as I do and it is a great stress reliever for him.
— Anita H.M., Jet Set Sports, Olympic Program Director and Corey N.M., Esq, Partner, Loeb and Loeb LLP