class descriptions


Are you too busy to make it to class? Are you dealing with injuries or repetitve stress or training for an athletic event? Or do you simply want to get some individual guidance for your practice or have fun practicing with a friend or significant other? PRIVATE yoga is an amazing way to deepen your practice, and connect to yoga on a whole new level. Our instructors will help you with any style of yoga, and work with your body's needs to bring yoga to you. Our private sessions include one hour of yoga and breathwork, followed by a gentle massage and relaxation. You will never have felt so good, and all in the comfort of your own home, any time, any day! 


Do yoga with just your friends or family in a Semi-PRIVATE yoga class! You get the personalized attention to deepen your yoga practice that you want in a setting shared with only those you invite. 


Yoga in the workplace, school (or anywhere there is space to put some mats down) is a great way to bring your team together to do something healthy and fun on-site. We will send a teacher to your location to bring a class perfectly catered to the needs of your staff or clients. Any day, any time between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.  Call us at 866.333.YOGA to discuss all the possibilities. 


Our Vinyasa classes will stretch, strengthen, and de-stress you - all in one hour of yoga flow. We move through several different variations of the Sun Salutations and static poses to stimulate the systems and muscles of the body, promote strength & flexibility, and leave you feeling great!  The classes can be rigorous, but we teach to all levels, and we always encourage rest and respect for your body's needs, allowing you to find comfort in the movement, so you can find your edge. Classes always include some restorative poses, passive stretch, and end with stillness in Savasana. Vinyasa yoga will literally transform your life--you will sleep better, eat better, and feel better 24-hours a day.


Yoga classes need not be rigorous or strenuous to be enormously beneficial. Yoga for Disabilities, injuries and rehabilitation modifies all of the yoga postures or asanas in accordance with the needs of the individual students in the class, thus making the yoga practice accessible to anyone, regardless of range of motion or level of exercise. We have modified several different types of Yoga – Flow, Hatha, Chair Yoga, and Moving meditation to give everyone an opportunity to practice and participate in classes with us. Yoga for Disabilities often involves movements and stretches while seated, thus allowing those who have restricted movement or are in wheelchairs to do the class along with the teacher. The teacher demonstrates and moves along with the students, and then also makes verbal and physical adjustments to help the yogis to stretch further, strengthen more, and feel more movement, instead of less. This type of yoga promotes blood circulation, heightens pulmonary function, and stimulates the body’s best defense mechanisms to help with any chronic illnesses or health issues related to restricted movement.  FlorYoga has created classes on the mat, in the chair, and standing with a wall for balance for all levels and range of movement. Very specific, low-key breathwork accompanies the class, so everyone feels a sense of relaxation as they receive all of the benefits that come with the best Yoga practice. Consistency is even more important with Yoga for Disabilities or Injuries, so we recommend at least once or twice a week to gain greater range of movement, and also consistency is very important to gain the spiritual and psychological benefits such as stress relief and reduced anxiety. Yoga practice can be used to complement any established medical care, or physiotherapy, as well as being a proven treatment for depression, post-traumatic stress, and stress related to illness, surgery, restricted lifestyle, or limited movement. This type of yoga class (or even when done one-on-one with a yoga teacher) helps all individuals to feel a sense of community, as the yoga brings everyone together, not just for healing, but also for a fun hour of movement and breathing. All FlorYoga instructors who teach Yoga for Disabilities have an advanced level of training, so we come prepared to get everyone involved, safely, and with compassion.


The pregnant body goes through incredible changes over 9 months. Sarah's prenatal yoga classes are an uplifting, safe, fun experience for any mom-to-be while she goes through this amazing time. Prenatal yoga will help you keep energy levels up and stress down. Classes are small, intimate, semi-privates which will provide you a place to bond with other moms, and a way to connect with your growing baby! The yogic breathing, movement, and chanting provide consciousness, preparing you for labor, delivery and the miracle of motherhood. Dads and partners are welcome too--Sarah will teach him/her how to support Mom, share the yoga experience and do some partnered work and basic massage. 


You've had a baby, and you're a mom. Congratulations! Now is the perfect time to take great care of yourself so you can take care of your little one(s) without feeling overwhelmed. You may not feel nauseated or unbalanced or exhausted anymore, but your postnatal body still has relaxin, and is healing from childbirth, so it needs to be treated with special care for the first months after delivery. 
Our FlorYoga certified pre/postnatal yoga teachers will come to you, making it easy to be a mom and still get your yoga practice! Postnatal Yoga helps with so many issues that new moms face: Fatigue, shoulder and back pain, abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening, sleep deprivation, hormonal shifts, pain issues associated with carrying and breastfeeding your newborn,  and much more. We will help you feel better, stronger, and yes, a little pampered, because every mom deserves and needs time to herself,  and yoga should be the gift you give yourself for taking such good care of your growing family.


Sometimes, you just have to slow down and give yourself the gift of relaxation. Flor's Restorative yoga is truly a transcendent experience, lifting you out of your day-to-day doldrums and up into bliss. Join us for these 90 minute classes and 2 hour workshops and you will feel completely renewed and ready to LIVE again. Part yoga, part Thai yoga, and part meditation, our Restorative yoga clears your mind, relaxes your body and gets rid of all the kinks. With a consistent Restorative yoga practice, you can stay healthy, be happy and live your fullest life. 


An exciting and inspiring one or two-hour workshop (your choice--you tell us where and when and we show up;) with live music played by professional musicians who practice yoga. In these workshops, you work out the kinks with live music catered to the class..  We'll start with and invigorating and energizing flow, and end with a peaceful long restorative series, and neck and shoulder massages for all.. Vinyasa and VIno available with Live music: workshops: combine this workshop with wine and nibbles for an additional cost. A Super Healthy event for a happy staff or group of friends!


At FlorYoga, we now offer yoga for kids ages 1-18. For questions about Kids Yoga, contact us at

For ages 1-4, it's not as much about "perfecting a pose" as it is working with things like their memory, hand to eye coordination, beginning to balance and socialization. We incorporate things such as nature, stories, games, the alphabet and numbers, which make it educational and FUN! The children also enjoy repetition, which provides them with confidence to become more comfortable in a space. When ending class, they remember to close with things such as "om, namaste and Yay for Yoga!" The children look forward to what they remember so they can "show off" what they've learned.

For ages 5-8, this is where we begin to work more with their creativity, team building, confidence and enhance concentration. When your child gets used to the asanas or postures of yoga, they automatically improve their concentration skills. Ancient sages used yoga as a form of meditation, and their powers of concentration are legendary. Your child learns how to sit still in one place and focus on what's important as opposed to letting their mind wander and be distracted easily. This helps them in their lessons and at school, boosts their attention span and improves their grades. We also begin to bring breathwork and meditation into the class as well, and explain how it can help them when they are feeling anxious, and want to relax. We still work with nature metaphors and stories, however, we also begin to teach more of how to do the poses more accurately. This continues to build their confidence as they like to show off what they remember from the previous class. 

Ages 9-12, yoga begins to create body awareness, comfort within self and boosting confidence. When your child is able to display great agility and flexibility, it does wonders for their confidence. Their improved performance at school also helps boost their popularity and their self assurance. They become more poised and start to believe in their abilities. This feeling provides them with the adrenaline they need to achieve success in all their endeavors. More yoga postures, and increased breath work, associating how to utilize yoga in every day life. 

Ages 13 +, Teens commonly struggle with self-esteem issues, which is normal for that stage of development. Since they're still discovering who they are, peer pressure may lead them to compare themselves to others. Yoga fosters a sense of unconditional love for oneself and all living beings. Teens may feel more love for themselves, as well as a respect and connection to their family members, classmates and teachers. In addition, practicing yoga cultivates gratitude for what the body can do; enables letting go of the tendency to be critical of one's self and judgmental of others. By practicing yoga at that age, they will also gain strength and flexibility, and coping skills. For example, during a test, taking a second to breathe, think, then answer.